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Remote guarding

Remote CCTV guarding

The concept of remote guarding is simple: Imagine having a security guard who watches your premises 24 hours a day, every day of the year? Imagine that when something untoward is going on, they record the whole thing for you AND let you know about it... That's how remote guarding works.

Using specialist motion-detection equipment plus the latest in night vision and intruder detection systems, our range of Remote Guarding CCTV systems give you tremendous peace of mind coupled with unrivalled CCTV monitoring.

Site doesn't matter

Whether you are guarding a warehouse, shop, empty property or even a construction site, the location of the remote guarding system is inconsequential. For basic systems, you literally only need a power source. For more complex systems which provide you with alarm alerts, you will need phone/internet access. However, we can also provide GSM (phone network) enabled systems for truly remote installations.

How it works...

There are four basic elements to the Remote Guarding system:

  • High quality camera(s)
  • Motion detection systems
  • Recording device
  • Remote alarm/monitoring

The camera will usually be night-capable. This means that it has special lighting which casts an invisible IR beam forward to the observation area. This allows the camera to amplify all available light—both visible and invisible—and record with clarity whilst any intruder is unaware that they are being filmed.

Aside from great quality pictures, the cameras can also capture sound. Of course, the more information the better, and marrying the crisp, amplified sound with night vision shots gives a major edge over any intruder.

The cameras are triggered by one of several motion detection systems. These range from 'local' sensors, such as IR motion sensors or ultrasonics, all the way to complex digital motion sensors in the recording equipment.

The sensors trigger recording for a period of time until motion ceases, and at the same time can be set to 'alert' remote monitoring stations of activity. This means that your site is 'manned' by guards remotely, who can then act on the information to contact police authorities to take over, providing them with crucial information such as descriptions of clothing, vehicles and points of entry.

The sensors can also trigger remote alarms, activate floodlights or even trigger internal alarms. The whole process is tailored for each individual and situation.


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