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Mobile CCTV Tracking from ORP CCTV

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to have an extra pair of eyes that were where you wanted them, when you wanted them? Now you can—with Mobile Tracking CCTV, a fantastic new service from O.R.P

With our unique remote CCTV system devices at the core of the product, you can track your valuable things remotely.

How does it work?

Once the O.R.P Mobile Tracking CCTV system is installed, you can watch, listen, track and even ‘talk back’ through the remote CCTV link.

The system can be monitoried via PC at your offices or home, or on the move via laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

How it can benefit anyone...

With covert systems for more sensitive installations—our Mobile Tracking CCTV can monitor almost anything. We like to think that anything you want to keep an eye on is covered:

  • Look after your boat, caravan, horsebox
  • Remotely monitor your holiday home or moored boat
  • Guard rare bird nesting sites
  • Secure your farm
  • Fly tipping monitoring
  • Offices, warehouses, lockups
  • Monitor cargo on the move—see your deliveries happen live!
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