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Access control systems

Access control

Whether you have a simple one-door entrance, or multi-door factory, or you want the latest number-plate recognition systems monitoring your car parks, ORP have an access control system to suit you.

Access control systems employ mechanical 'blockades' which use either simple or complex logic—whether operated manually or automatically—to grant access to people or vehicles.

A typical example is car park barrier systems, which let in designated vehicles only. Another example is keycode entry doors for staff in a warehouse.

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Without the right credentials, an Access Control system won't gain you entry. That's its' job. Fully automated systems allow these sentry positions to operate in remote locations, 24 hours a day, without intervention. Use of technologies available allow much more sophisticated systems to be built, giving extremely elaborate and accurate entry filtering.

Modern systems can use full number plate recognition to grant access to a vehicle, or use fingerprints or eyeball biometrics to allow restricted staff access to sensitive areas.

At ORP, we have a wide knowledge of Access Control systems, and being at the cutting edge of our profession, we can offer a full range of the latest and most secure methods and solutions.

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