case history: londis

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Case history: Londis

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Brian and Wendy Keeley own the Londis store at Upton, Wirral. Installed as part of their store redevelopment programme, they are delighted with their ORP Surveillance CCTV system.

‘It’s a major deterrent’ says Brian. Without it our shelves would be stripped! It helps keep our customers honest.

‘If there’s someone who we don’t like the look of, we’ll track them around the shop, they soon get the message.’

Adds Wendy: ‘And the staff are very positive about it too, it makes them feel safer.’

ORP Surveillance Limited picture

They now plan to extend the system so that they can monitor the cameras from home. ‘We recently had a break-in, and the images were captured on CCTV. Fortunately, we did not walk in on the intruders. But when we are able to see the pictures on a monitor in our house, we’ll feel happier about our personal safety.’